Here I am.

I’m back. And I have so much to tell you. For the past five and a half years I’ve been deep in the frenetic, slow, joyful, depleting, isolating, transformative phase of self-discovery that is birthing and raising young children. There wasn’t much time for blogging, though there were a few false starts. I became a … Continue reading Here I am.

Through the Seasons

Well. It turns out that pregnancy while parenting a toddler and the subsequent birth and first three months aren’t so easily compatible with keeping up a blog. At least for me. But, here is the beautiful result of that: Still, I really missed this. I recently made a commitment to my writing life that I am very excited … Continue reading Through the Seasons

Beet the System

I am so proud that I grew these beauties. Do you remember when I pulled thinnings back in June to make room for growth? This is the gorgeous result. Now I want to grow pounds and pounds of beets next year. I’m going to juice the beets and steam the greens with butter and lemon. so many … Continue reading Beet the System