In the Garden

A slow start to Spring followed by house guests and the family cold that wouldn’t end meant a weekend of playing catch-up in the garden. I harvested and froze 10 cups of rhubarb and made rhubarb syrup for soda. I pulled out tons of Bigroot Geranium to make room for lavender and herbs. I planted … Continue reading In the Garden

Food Security

I always intended to write about issues around food security on this blog, but I never imagined I would be treating the subject so literally. We are increasing our food security around here. And this time it isn’t about farmer’s markets or raised beds or cooking skills. It isn’t really feel good at all. This time, … Continue reading Food Security

In the Garden

This series was inspired by Soulemama. She shared her garden’s weekly progress last season and I enjoyed seeing the changes and sharing in her garden rhythms and rituals. Our home and acre on Nova Scotia’s South Shore is nestled in between rolling hills of forest and pasture where seagulls daily float and weave overhead in the salt … Continue reading In the Garden

Un Oeuf is Enough

Well, this is it. Nothing momentous about it – just a few simple words. After too much thought (oh the agony of choosing  name!), research (there are a heap of amazing blogs out there), plenty of doubts (does the world need another one?) and a few false starts, I have landed. And it is good … Continue reading Un Oeuf is Enough