Two Tarts

I spent this sultry summer afternoon with my friend Jenn and our babies in her kitchen, baking. Well, she did most of the work while I spotted the kids. I had fresh eggs and rhubarb and she had brand new tart pans. The obvious choice was rhubarb tart with custard. It was hot and the pastry … Continue reading Two Tarts

Hurricane Jam

Why not make my first batch of jam during Hurricane Arthur’s all day power outage? Sunday. The day after the storm. Sunny and hot. It all seemed like a dream bottled up in five jars of Strawberry Balsamic jam. It turns out that making jam is easy; making time is not. The joy of the … Continue reading Hurricane Jam


We had some very special company last week. Eleanor’s Great Grampie and Great Auntie came over for tea and banana bread, which seemed like the perfect occasion to share some fresh local strawberries. They are incredibly sweet and perfect this year thanks to all of the rain and gorgeous sunny weather. We cut up a few … Continue reading Company


I don’t have much time for posting lately because I am spending every free block of time in the garden. If I have five minutes, I pull weeds; ten minutes, I plant seeds and do some thinning; a luxurious fifteen and I stick in a few transplants and water; and if I have a thirty … Continue reading Thinnings

Back to Basics

Lately I’ve been feeling a bit uninspired in the culinary realm. Yes, I did just start a food blog. Yes, winter has finally come to an end – in fact, summer will arrive in less than two weeks. Things are growing, farmer’s markets are popping up everywhere and the Internet is exploding with seasonal recipes. … Continue reading Back to Basics