Here I am.

I’m back. And I have so much to tell you. For the past five and a half years I’ve been deep in the frenetic, slow, joyful, depleting, isolating, transformative phase of self-discovery that is birthing and raising young children. There wasn’t much time for blogging, though there were a few false starts. I became a … Continue reading Here I am.

Through the Seasons

Well. It turns out that pregnancy while parenting a toddler and the subsequent birth and first three months aren’t so easily compatible with keeping up a blog. At least for me. But, here is the beautiful result of that: Still, I really missed this. I recently made a commitment to my writing life that I am very excited … Continue reading Through the Seasons


We had some very special company last week. Eleanor’s Great Grampie and Great Auntie came over for tea and banana bread, which seemed like the perfect occasion to share some fresh local strawberries. They are incredibly sweet and perfect this year thanks to all of the rain and gorgeous sunny weather. We cut up a few … Continue reading Company

Back to Basics

Lately I’ve been feeling a bit uninspired in the culinary realm. Yes, I did just start a food blog. Yes, winter has finally come to an end – in fact, summer will arrive in less than two weeks. Things are growing, farmer’s markets are popping up everywhere and the Internet is exploding with seasonal recipes. … Continue reading Back to Basics

Food Security

I always intended to write about issues around food security on this blog, but I never imagined I would be treating the subject so literally. We are increasing our food security around here. And this time it isn’t about farmer’s markets or raised beds or cooking skills. It isn’t really feel good at all. This time, … Continue reading Food Security