Through the Seasons

Well. It turns out that pregnancy while parenting a toddler and the subsequent birth and first three months aren’t so easily compatible with keeping up a blog. At least for me. But, here is the beautiful result of that:


Still, I really missed this.

I recently made a commitment to my writing life that I am very excited about. I had a serendipitous meeting with an artist with some regrets about putting her creative life on hold while she raised her children and she encouraged me to get on with it, even in the mere cracks of time in my present life. (“There is a crack in everything / that is how the light gets in” L. Cohen). I have the support of my lovely husband, who has offered the gift of time and space, the interest of my toddler who loves reading and the idea of writing, and a newborn whose temperament has yet to fully reveal itself. No time like the present.

For now, let’s play catch up shall we? A quick month-by-month photo essay to document my life since last August.

IMG_9461 IMG_9585 IMG_9698 IMG_9917 IMG_0710 IMG_0758 IMG_0241 IMG_0263 IMG_20150126_151117951 IMG_0349 IMG_0350 IMG_20150315_110737172 IMG_0143 IMG_20150702_070106380

from top left: Summer // garden forage – bee balm, roses, calendula, chamomile, and mint; dill pickles; Autumn // peach picking; lots to put up from our own garden; play date treats; preparing garlic harvest to replant; homemade crackers; Winter // eggs from our own hens are such a pretty sight in mid winter; three perfect spelt loaves; mackerel!; breakfast cookies; Spring // freezer meal prep list; groaning cake while in labour; more birth and the promise of more eggs next winter.

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