Variety Supper

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This weekend I attended a local event steeped in tradition – the Conquerell Mills Horse and Ox Pull and Variety Supper. I was lured there by my foodie neighbour who promised long tables full of comfortingly humble farmer far. It certainly delivered- though the platter of fried balogna, popular last year, was no where to  be found. There were baked beans, homemade sauerkraut, potato salads, scalloped potatoes, shepherd’s pie and brown bread.

The absolute highlight, however, was the plethora of cakes

IMG_7974 IMG_7975

There was a full cake, with at least ten pieces, for every four or six people. I wish I had more photos of these beauties. And THEN there was the dessert table. The cakes were for before supper or between supper and dessert. I kid you not.

I was so excited to spot a walnut cake slathered in boiled icing. I first encountered this gorgeous spectacle at a church supper last Fall and have been on the lookout ever since. My neighbour and I are going to attempt to make it for you this week, so start deciding on cake recipes now.

IMG_7976 IMG_7981 IMG_7985 IMG_8007

During the Ox Pull, I had an interesting chat with an older man from Nineveh, Nova Scotia about the use of horse and oxen for farming and changes in our food system in the last fifty years. He forecast a return to the land for the next generation and was pleased to hear about our homesteading ambitions.

IMG_8012 IMG_8035

A wonderful time – locals enjoying humble food together, amazing dessert, great company, and many stories shared.


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