The Most Fun


Garlic scapes are probably the most fun harvest of the year. (As soulemama demonstrates, you can wear them as you work). They are certainly a bonus to growing garlic. Does anyone else find that they creep up on you? One day, I wonder – where are the scapes already? And the next thing I know, the curls are practically dancing off the plants.

Last year I simply used them in my cooking to accompany garlic. This year I was a bit more ambitious. I put up six or so jars of garlic scape pesto and made two jars of very fun pickled garlic scapes – all from forty-four garlic plants.




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3 thoughts on “The Most Fun

  1. The link is in the post – just click on the word pickled. I would love to include my recipes on the blog, but time doesn’t allow it quite yet, so linking out will do for now. thanks, Leah!

  2. Ah, my 120 garlic scrapes and your blog sent me to Pinterest to discover how best to capture this garden treasure. BTW. Pinterest has a tasty looking cauliflower and scape soup. Thanks for the inspiration

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