Hurricane Jam


Why not make my first batch of jam during Hurricane Arthur’s all day power outage?


Sunday. The day after the storm. Sunny and hot. It all seemed like a dream bottled up in five jars of Strawberry Balsamic jam.


It turns out that making jam is easy; making time is not. The joy of the process and the daydream of enjoying this on homemade toast midwinter made it so very worthwhile to spend my precious time doing this one thing.

I enjoyed it so much that I made my neighbour’s jam, too. She had prepped everything but had no working stove. I received a few jars of Haskap jam out of the deal.

Our great grandparents and even grandparents canned their seasonal bounty before the luxuries of lights and running water enhanced kitchens. I was fortunate to have a gas stove and I filled my canner with water just before we lost power for another twelve hours. Three quarts of strawberries and a lot of gratitude went into these jars.

Did any of you spend time in the kitchen on Saturday? What did you make?




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