Boiled Icing

Wednesday was a foggy, humid Nova Scotia midsummer day. The wild roses tumbling over everything, thistles sending up their spikes, blueberries just hinting at ripeness – the thick air scented like fruit and flowers. This is the weather that stretches memories all the way back to the idyllic summers of childhood. Eleanor and I spent this particular afternoon … Continue reading Boiled Icing

Variety Supper

This weekend I attended a local event steeped in tradition – the Conquerell Mills Horse and Ox Pull and Variety Supper. I was lured there by my foodie neighbour who promised long tables full of comfortingly humble farmer far. It certainly delivered- though the platter of fried balogna, popular last year, was no where to  be … Continue reading Variety Supper

Two Tarts

I spent this sultry summer afternoon with my friend Jenn and our babies in her kitchen, baking. Well, she did most of the work while I spotted the kids. I had fresh eggs and rhubarb and she had brand new tart pans. The obvious choice was rhubarb tart with custard. It was hot and the pastry … Continue reading Two Tarts

Hurricane Jam

Why not make my first batch of jam during Hurricane Arthur’s all day power outage? Sunday. The day after the storm. Sunny and hot. It all seemed like a dream bottled up in five jars of Strawberry Balsamic jam. It turns out that making jam is easy; making time is not. The joy of the … Continue reading Hurricane Jam