I don’t have much time for posting lately because I am spending every free block of time in the garden. If I have five minutes, I pull weeds; ten minutes, I plant seeds and do some thinning; a luxurious fifteen and I stick in a few transplants and water; and if I have a thirty minute holiday (usually while Mat gives E a bath), I start a new garden or do a bit of everything.

There are so many gardens to build and so little time (and money). I have to learn to let go this first, very busy year. The strawberries, asparagus, berries, and fruit trees will have to wait. The annual veggie beds will be small the first year. The greenhouse may not be in the budget this summer. But we have plenty of greens, fresh eggs daily, and the promise of broccoli, tomatoes, onions and squash plus plenty of herbs. And many future years on this land, if we are so lucky. Plus, I have this sweet honey to spend my days with.


On Thursday night Mat and I did our annual tomato planting blitz after E went to bed. We crowded over thirty mostly indeterminate plants (and some borage for good measure) in one ten by four foot sheet mulched bed. It will probably be a jungle by August, but maybe they’ll sort of prop each other up. We also stuck a few in the cold frame and in large containers. I always interplant tomatoes with things like basil, arugula and marigolds.

If you haven’t heard of sheet mulching, also known as lasagne gardening, this is how we build most of our gardens and I kind of love it. It uses mostly waste materials to create rich soil over time and doesn’t break your back. It is how I made this bed for squash in less than thirty minutes and this large bed for tomatoes.

IMG_6110   IMG_6118

One of the great pleasures of land ownership is waiting to see what comes up in the first Spring and Summer. These beautiful Irises beside the driveway are making me happy lately.



{note copied from soulemama If you’re keeping garden notes and photographs and want to share it with the rest of us, do leave a comment with a link so that we may take a stroll through your garden too! It’s a delight to see what and how things are growing all over, and to read the comments with such great gardening wisdom! Thank you all for continuing to share in this little project.}


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