In the Garden

This series was inspired by Soulemama. She shared her garden’s weekly progress last season and I enjoyed seeing the changes and sharing in her garden rhythms and rituals.


Our home and acre on Nova Scotia’s South Shore is nestled in between rolling hills of forest and pasture where seagulls daily float and weave overhead in the salt air. The locals haul seaweed from the beach to fertilize and mulch their gardens – a beautiful, natural solution that they simply say is common sense.

After gardening in the Annapolis Valley for two years, we will be adapting to a coastal climate and shorter growing season. We have plans to extend the season in a variety of ways – we have most of the materials and helping hands promised to build a greenhouse this summer and we planted a cold frame earlier this Spring. I imagine our cool weather crops will do well here, whereas our broccoli bolted and peas shrivelled in the heat of the Annapolis Valley, even in Spring.



This week: the cold frame is full of sprouting lettuce, radish, beets, chard, kale, arugula, and mesclun; peas & beans in pots. We had two yards of soil rich with organic matter delivered (by dump truck, much to one little girl’s delight) to fill the raised beds, which we built using the worst of the old hemlock salvaged from the barn where we enjoyed our incredible elopement dinner last August.


I aerated and amended my inherited rhubarb plant, which should be divided this Spring or Fall. I also built a little brick edging around it for fun and tidiness, and created another bed this way against the baby barn for sunflowers and scarlet runners to climb. The chickens are taking care of business in an area where we plan to create more gardens.


Revisiting :: childhood memories of thieving rhubarb from my mother’s garden.

Resisting :: the urge to turn every patch of lawn in sight into a garden.

Replanting :: seeds where others did not germinate.

Replenishing :: the earth that hasn’t been planted in many years, since this was farmland.

Relishing: a bit of sun, the sight of garlic growing, learning about our chickens with my daughter.


remembering this rhubarb thief


the next generation


{note copied from soulemama If you’re keeping garden notes and photographs and want to share it with the rest of us, do leave a comment with a link so that we may take a stroll through your garden too! It’s a delight to see what and how things are growing all over, and to read the comments with such great gardening wisdom! Thank you all for continuing to share in this little project.}


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