Un oeuf is enough

our first egg


Well, this is it. Nothing momentous about it – just a few simple words. After too much thought (oh the agony of choosing  name!), research (there are a heap of amazing blogs out there), plenty of doubts (does the world need another one?) and a few false starts, I have landed.

And it is good enough. I have settled.

I don’t mean to sound as if any of it is a disappointment. It is, rather, accepting this starting point as comfortable; contentment with things as they are; and a determination to begin somewhere. Settling. Just as I settle down each evening, after the day’s labours and triumphs, in my grandmother’s huge, worn armchair with my husband’s great grandmother’s woven blanket tucked around me – exhausted, my list half crossed off, but, yet, still….satisfied. .

Since having my first child – my daughter, who is more than halfway through her second year – I have become more and more accepting of imperfection. I am learning to embrace slowness, chaos, even boredom. I am facing frustrations and challenges head on – hurtling over them on good days, stumbling and falling on difficult days. I am learning that the more I let go, the more space I open up to possibility, honesty, pleasure, and a natural rhythm.

Maybe this is why I am finally ready to carve out a little space here – a place to openly embrace the beauty and imperfection I see in my life and attempt to share a bit of it with you. And it will be enough.

So, this is how it begins – with the arrival of our flock of chickens (nine, to begin) and our homestead’s very first egg, which my daughter lovingly cradled in her hands and then let fall down onto the hardwood floor. I scooped it up before it spilled from its shell and gently cracked it into a bowl for the beginnings of a Saturday morning omelette. A beginning – imperfect and exquisite.

Julia Child is the queen of embracing things as they are in the kitchen and in life. Who better to teach us how to make the most imperfectly perfect omelette?


6 thoughts on “Un oeuf is enough

  1. Thank you for your words, on your blog and mine. Your thoughts about imperfection really resonate with me and I love what you say about it being enough. It is 🙂 I look forward to reading more. I think our little girls are roughly the same age! (mine was born Oct 2012)

    • My daughter was also born October 2012. Isn’t it funny how we both just posted on the theme of settling? I’m following you, too, now.

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